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Human Xerox 4: Communication

Human Xerox is a continuation of a long running series of compilations created in Perth between 2011 - 2013. The basic premise is a group of Western Australian based artists and musicians cover a single song by another local, in this case, Mei Saraswatis song ‘Communication’.

This album was recorded, mixed and mastered by Alex over a period of 6 months in late 2018. It is due to be released early 2019.

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Scott Aitken and the Deloreans - Blue EP

Over the course of 2018 Alex has recorded and mixed Scott Aitken and the Deloreans sophomore EP ‘Blue’. The album contains 7 tracks of indie inspired power pop with single ‘Where Are You Now?” coming in at number 5 on 89.7 community radios Western Oz top 20 songs of 2018.

The EP in it’s entirely is due to be released early 2019. Check out the music video filmed and edited by Ben McPherson below!

From the upcoming album 'Blue'. Debut EP 'GREEN' available on BandCamp - For more info head to